Crowns & Bridges Perth

Currambine Dental specialises in restorative dentistry. We provide quality solutions to people with missing or damaged teeth. Our goal is to bring back your natural smile and help prevent other dental issues in the future.

Crowns & Bridges Perth

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A crown is a laboratory fabricated cover or a cap that is made to fit over an existing tooth, replacing the whole roof of the tooth so that the underlying tooth can be held together tightly enough so that nothing breaks. A crown can increase the strength of a weakened tooth to surpass that of the original natural tooth.

A Crown may be recommended for the following scenarios:

Badly broken down, cracked or worn down teeth

Fixing up the tooth after having had a root canal treatment done

Badly discoloured teeth which don’t respond to whitening

Help stabilize and retain strength

There are many types of crowns available through Currambine Dental. The type of crown usually will be dictated by the clinical situation and your preference after consultation with one of our dentists.


We offer bridges for people with missing teeth. Dental bridges cover or work as a bridge to the gap made by a missing tooth. This prevents the adjacent teeth from moving out of place. Dental bridges can also save you from the need to have dentures or implants. Bridges work just like natural teeth.

Why Currambine Dental?

Our team strives to help our patients deal with missing teeth and prevent future problems that may arise from this condition. Empty spaces caused by a missing tooth should be filled to keep teeth in the right place.

Currambine Dental understands how important it is to improve oral health and enhance your smile. With our dental solutions, you may have your missing teeth replaced, positively affecting your dental health, smile, and your confidence. We have seen many of our patients experience positive change after receiving our dental solutions. We want you to have the same story.

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