Preventive Dentistry Perth

The premier provider of cosmetic dentistry in the Joondalup area

Currambine Dental highly values the need for preventive dentistry. As dental professionals, we educate our patients on the importance of proper dental care. It is through responsible preventive care that you may minimise the need for costly treatments in the future.

Complete dental care when given early will help prevent dental diseases. Early symptoms may come in the form of cavities, bad breath, and other serious issues that may put your health at risk. Working with a professional dental practice like Currambine Dental is the key to disease prevention.

Preventive Dentistry Perth
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Our Team

Our team is composed of professionals with impressive technical expertise, along with a friendly and experienced staff. We work together to provide complete preventive care in a safe and patient-friendly environment. We work towards one goal: to bring a high level of care that promotes dental health.

We understand that many people fail to pay attention to their oral health. Most of them think of visiting the dentist only when they start experiencing pain or when something feels wrong with their teeth and gums. This is the attitude we want to change. We make sure our patients understand the importance of regular dental examination. We make them realise that some oral problems arise without any sign and symptom, and that working with their dentist is essential.

Our Services

We provide a range of services and treatments to improve your overall dental health. We specialise in the diagnoses of tooth decay and other related conditions, such as gum disease. Sometimes, patients can’t see nor feel signs that something is wrong in their oral cavity. With dental examination by Currambine Dental, we detect problems and provide early intervention to solve them.

We deliver thorough dental examination and cleaning to analyse your gum’s health. We also use innovative equipment, such as our latest software for x-ray. This allows us to give accurate diagnosis on tooth decay and bone changes.