Toothpaste is Largely Responsible for Your Teeth’s Health


We all brush our teeth and half of the effort you put into the task comes from your toothpaste.

Having a healthy habit of cleaning your teeth regularly gives you the peace of mind that you are doing enough to keep it in good condition. But what about your toothpaste? Is it doing your teeth more harm than good?

Here are some of the things you have to know about your trusted partner in keeping your pearly whites in good shape:

Should be Approved by the Australian Dental Association

Check for the seal of approval on your toothpaste box and make sure that the one you are using is trusted and reliable. This is to keep you safe from chemicals and contamination.

Should Contain Fluoride

Cheap toothpastes usually sell for a lower price because they do not have the said element. Fluoride is said to play an important role in controlling tooth decay, making it a requirement your toothpaste should have.

Non-Gritty Textured

The texture of your toothpaste is crucial to your teeth’s health. If it is rough and you add pressure to it when you brush, then you may be brushing your enamel away. The enamel is one of the major parts of your teeth and mostly makes up the visible part of it.

Keep these qualities in check for your toothpaste

Currambine Dental makes sure our beloved clients are knowledgeable in the pursuit of achieving healthy teeth. We know how big of a role your toothpaste plays in your daily dental routine, which is why we make sure our clients are equipped with the right information.

Let us be a part of your endeavour of improving your dental health.

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