Why Regular Dental Checkups Are Important

dental check up

Discover why keeping your smile squeaky clean and visiting your dentist on a routine basis is great for your oral health.


Have you ever been tempted to skip your regular dental appointment? Maybe you get a bit nervous leading up to it or feel as though you just don’t have the time? 

Trust us when we say it will be well worth scheduling an appointment when you find about the number of benefits that come with prioritising a healthy mouth. 


  • You’ll avoid dreaded tartar, plaque, tooth decay and cavities

Even if you consider yourself quite thorough it can be difficult to reach particular areas of your mouth whilst doing your regular brush every morning and night. This is why preventive dental appointments are vital! 

Our dentists make sure to clean all of the tartar off of hard-to-reach areas, including your back molars for example. We also search your teeth for early signs of decay, white spots and small cavities. If we come across small cavities, a fluoride treatment is the recommended route to help fight against future decay. Whereas larger cavities will need to be fixed with a dental filling.

Our dentist services also include performing a detailed tooth cleaning to rid your teeth of any plaque or tartar which will protect you from any harmful bacteria that can lead to decay further down the track. Avoiding these regular check-ups can result in an increased chance of tooth decay, bad breath and periodontal disease. 


  • It might give you a tip-off about other health issues

What many people may not know is that your oral health can provide tell-tale signs about your general well-being. Your body’s organs are connected and a problem in one part of your body can easily lead to issues in other parts of your body. 

It is not uncommon for your dentist to check your neck, jaw and lymph nodes for lumps, swelling, deformities as well as any other signs of illness. 

Your dentist might also look for any signs of oral cancer during your appointment by performing a quick and painless exam. If you visit your dentist at least every six months, you’ll have a minimal chance of developing late-stage oral cancer and can rest easy. 


  • There will be no need to worry about gum disease

Our gums are extremely sensitive, which means that a buildup of plaque and tartar can significantly affect them. This not only leads to tooth decay but can also be the result of gingivitis, an infection located at the point where our teeth and gums are connected. 

Gingivitis is a mild form of gum disease and can cause swelling, bleeding and soreness in the mouth. This infection not only affects your gums but can break down the bones that hold our teeth in place, leading to the loosening and loss of teeth. 

Gum disease is caused by the buildup of food particles in our mouths, so it can really affect anyone. If gum disease is not recognised in the early stages or remains untreated, it can lead to inflammation, damage to the jawbone and once again, a loss of teeth. Although, checking in with your dentist for regular appointments can help you to detect this disease while it is still in its early stages. 


  • You’ll be aware of what is going on underneath the surface

The majority of issues affecting your teeth can usually be seen by looking in the mirror, but there are some problems that can be hidden from view. A crucial part of visiting your dentist every six months is being able to get your jaw and teeth x-rayed so we can determine what is happening beneath the surface. 

A problem that we face frequently is other teeth being impacted as a result of when wisdom teeth emerge, usually leading to a great deal of pain and discomfort. There is also the potential of suffering from jaw injuries and bone swelling, among other things. 

These issues regarding your jaw and tooth structure are difficult to notice without the use of an x-ray and can lead to major problems if undiagnosed. The sooner any problems are identified it will be easy for a dentist to recommend the best corrective procedures. 


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It’s safe to say that when it comes to your oral health, prevention is better than a cure. 

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