Our Variety of Cosmetic Dental Procedures

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We offer a range of amazing cosmetic dental procedures that we recommend specifically based upon your smile to give you the perfect pair of pearly whites!


There’s so many reasons to smile and the last thing you want to be self conscious about is your teeth when you grin. 

Fortunately, Currambine Dental provides a number of cosmetic dentistry procedures that not only improve the health of your smile, but will drastically improve its look so you can beam confidently! 

Discover more details about the many cosmetic procedures we can arrange specifically for you.. 


Teeth implants

Life can bring all kinds of surprises and sometimes those result in losing a tooth or two! You want to be confident in your smile and having gaps may have the opposite result.

Luckily, we can fill in those missing spots with tooth implants. Teeth implants not only hide the gaps in your smile, they also keep your teeth aligned and prevent your natural teeth from moving, ensuring that the bite of your upper and lower jaws remain the same. 


Dental bridges

If you’re suffering from missing or damaged teeth, dental bridges may be the right option for you. Bridges act as replacements, but unlike implants are not anchored in with screws. They are cemented into place using dental adhesives, making use of the strong supportive teeth on either side. 


Tooth repair

Broken or discoloured teeth definitely aren’t confidence boosters, but thankfully Currambine Dental are equipped to deal with absolutely anything! We can seal, bond, whiten and overlay teeth, ensuring your smile achieves maximum wattage. 


Teeth whitening 

Consuming certain food and drinks as well as smoking can lead to yellow and brown-stained teeth. We can bring back that shine with our teeth whitening Perth based procedure that uses the safest products on the market, combined with state-of-the-art technology and the expertise of the best dentists in the business. 


Dental inlay 

An inlay is used to fill an area of your tooth that is bigger than a general dental filling. A dentist shapes them perfectly to fit within the area of your tooth that has been removed. This indirect filling consists of a solid substance such as gold or porcelain and is cemented into place with a strong dental adhesive. 


Clean aligners procedure 

Made from transparent plastic, clean aligners are molded to your mouth and teeth and are altered fortnightly to eventually manipulate your teeth to move into the desired position, resulting in the smile you desire. 


A smile designed specifically for you! 

When you visit Currambine Dental, you can be rest assured that our cosmetic dentists will assess your smile and suggest the best cosmetic procedure for you. 

If you would like to learn more about our variety of cost-effective cosmetic dental procedures or book an appointment, please visit our website. 

Conversely, feel free to call us at (08) 9304 0300 where one of our friendly team members will be happy to provide you with any information that you require.